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Beautiful video about the importance of the London tube map, the way the inventor was fucked over, how his legacy was restored, and the recent fall of the tube map, from the original beauty and simplicity that inspired Londoners, visitors and the world alike, to somewhat of a mess.

The last part of the video is really inspiring, and the thought struck me before he said it, that this map is almost like a flag. It speaks to the power of both good design and good public transport!


#Map #Design #CityUX #PublicTransportation #London #Tube #Underground #Subway

This would be quite the weird festival 😅

Based on my all-time plays.

Shit, I actually have terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.

Some muscle thing, I hope; yesterday I thought I might be on my way to a heart attack.

Still alive but uncomfortable. Ugh.

How to deal with severe depression, part one

Don't ask me, I dunno, and pls tell me if you find out


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